What to Consider When Choosing Furniture and Decorations for Scandinavian Interior Design

The Scandinavian interior decor has become a phenomenon globally. It is loved for its functionality and simplicity. The connection to nature offers elegance to both commercial and residential spaces. There are specific signature characteristics that you need to look out for when choosing Scandinavian interior design furniture and decorations. Below is an outline to help you make the right choice by striking a balance between comfort and modernism.


Natural lighting is essential for any modern Scandinavian home because it makes the space brighter and bigger. White walls are an important element for this type of home as they accentuate the available lighting. Natural light illuminates spaces and minimizes the use of window treatment. You can add lighting fixtures to spaces such as the kitchen with minimal but incredible features. Simplicity and practicality are the most important when it comes to Scandinavian interior design.


There are modern Scandinavian furniture designs with sleek and warm wood tones. It is best to avoid excessive detailing by not going for extravagant decorative accents and items. Wood is the most preferred when it comes to making furniture. Light wood like pine, ash, and beech are mostly used because they are light and aesthetically appealing. Opt for modern furniture such as natural wood nightstand and arc floor lamp.

Plant and Art

Botanicals such as plants and flowers add more life to any room and brighten up spaces. They add colour to the minimalistic design of Scandinavian homes. Multiple arts on the wall is a beautiful addition because it provides more color and elegance. For more inspiration check out Tylko’s article about Scandinavian interior design on this page https://journal.tylko.com/style-meets-comfort-8-principles-of-scandinavian-interior-design/

Muted colors and patterns

The understated and muted color palette is a perfect Scandinavian color scheme. Brown’s blacks, greys, and whites make spaces look spacious and simple. Walls need to be white to captivate art and furniture. Vibrant patterns can either be traditional or modern depending on your style. Traditional designs are usually simple and symmetrical. However, modern patterns have a bold colored layout and incredible graphics providing a contrasting beautiful background. Patterns can be implemented in different forms and shapes such as a painting, topping, or an accessory to your furniture.

Scandinavian interior designs provide modernism with a combination of beauty and practicality. Choose your favorite pieces and match them to create the effect you want. The airy spaces offer a minimalistic look providing a serene feel.

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