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Michael Sinelnikoff


Michael Sinelnikoff was born in London, England of mixed Russian, French and German parentage. Primary education in various private boarding and preparatory schools; secondary education at Malvern College; graduated in 1950 with Oxford and Cambridge Higher Schools Certificate in Modern Languages, with Distinction in French and German language and literature. Other highlights in Michael’s education include the Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art, London, UK; Italia Conti Stage School, London, UK; Carleton College (University), Ottawa, Canada

2 Years with “Festival” (top national TV Drama series) as STORY EDITOR and FREELANCE PRODUCER/DIRECTOR


1984 (Gaspé)First Director of LE CIRQUE DU SOLEIL

Commissioned, produced and directed 68 original television dramas in the CBC/TV Montreal “Teleplay series”, 1967-1984

Centaur Theatre, Montreal: “The Real Inspector Hound”

Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal: “Awake and Sing”

Piggery Playhouse, North Hatley: “Gaslight”, “Mixed Doubles”, “The Secretary Bird”

Stephenville Festival: “Our Town”

Concordia University, Montreal: “Sleuth”

Cinéma Parallèle & Théâtre de Quat’ Sous: “Macho Man”

Théâtre d’été du Mont Jacob, Jonquière: “VENDREDI SOIR” (assistant à la régie)

Théâtre d’été du Mont Jacob, Jonquière: “LE GARÇON D’APPARTEMENT” (Director)

Co-judge with Mavor Moore for the CBC Montreal Centennial Television Playwriting Competition

Executive Producer English Drama, CBC/TV Montreal

Regional Producer-Director CBC National Network series: “The House of Pride”

CBC/TV Toronto: “Willow Circle”, “Epiphany”

La Poudrière International Theatre, Montreal: “Dear Liar”

Dominion Drama Festival, 7 awards including Best Play, Best Director: “Invitation to a March”



DEAR LIAR: “Director Michael Sinelnikoff has, with great sensitivity and imagination, created a totally believable drama.” Myron Galloway, Montreal Star

“Une corrida épistolaire éblouissante orchestrée très efficacement par Michael Sinelnikoff.” Martial Dassylva, La Presse

“A superb success! Do not miss this show!” Jacob Siskind, Montreal Gazette

LOOK BACK IN ANGER: Top Honors in Dominion Drama Festival: best production, best director. Co-directed and played lead role

“ … directed with skill and passion.” John Berry, Adjudicator

THE LITTLE HUT: Avon Theatre, Toronto.
“deserved a longer run … amusingly directed by Michael Sinelnikoff.” Nathan Cohen, Toronto Star

“… directed with stylish wit.” Myron Galloway, Montreal Star

SAY WHO YOU ARE: ST. JOHN’S (starring William Roach of
“Coronation Street”)”…extraordinarily funny … entirely successful production … genuine theatre.” Pat Treacher, Evening Telegram

OUR TOWN: Stephenville Festival
“… a moving, sensitive production that captures the fragile texture of this play. Mr. Sinelnikoff is obviously a man who understands the theatre very well…”

“Congratulations, Michael Sinelnikoff for interpreting Wilder so well.” Evening Telegram

MIXED DOUBLES: Piggery Theatre, North Hatley

“Director Sinelnikoff moves his cast through all the personality changes with a deft hand for comedy, bringing all the slinking, subtle and more overt characteristics of married life into full bloom.” Jack Kapica, Montreal Gazette


“…superbly directed by Michael Sinelnikoff, played to packed houses.” Thomas Schnurmacher, Montreal Gazette

“the direction is pin-point perfect” Walter Aubie, CBC Radio


National Theatre School: Initiation course, producing and directing for TV

Television Drama Workshop sponsored by CBC, Montreal

Various Acting and Directing Workshops in Quebec area, sponsored by Quebec Drama Festival

Founding Faculty, Stephenville Festival of the Arts, Nfld. Director and Instructor.

Television and Film private Advanced Acting Techniques Workshop (self-administered) Montreal and

Toronto (on-going)

TV Workshop Concordia University, Montreal


ADJUDICATOR, Eastern Ontario Drama League (twice)

ADJUDICATOR, Maritime Drama Festival, Newfoundland (twice)

Screener and Counselor, Quebec Drama Festival (3 times)


Performed many leading roles on the stage, Ottawa Little Theatre, Canadian Repertory Theatre

Winner, Dominion Drama Festival, Winnipeg: Best Director, Best Actor, Best Production: Look Back in Anger

2 years bilingual announcing with CBC TV and Radio, Ottawa

Many principal roles in American and Canadian feature films, and major TV productions: ABC, CBS, NBC (including featured role with Gary Oldman in “Criminal Law”)

Starred as Prof. Summerlee in “Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Lost World” Telescene\Coote-Hayes internationally syndicated Action Adventure TV series


CBC/TV (National) “Festival” Drama: “The Spirit of the Deed” (Director David Gardner) (aired twice)

CBC/TV “Teleplay”: Compassion Circuit (director Gary Plaxton)

Translations (professionally performed) of French-Canadian plays:

“Moman” by Louisette Dussault (2 productions),

“Bachelor” by Saia/Roy/Rivard

Book Reviews for The Globe and Mail


“THE FUN OF BEING WITH OSCAR” was in competition with a number of the best programs the CBC has shown in recent years, and you can be justly proud that it was singled out by your peers for this (ANIK) award.” A. W. Johnson, President, CBC

“THE MESSENGER”, CBC/TV network drama.
“Michael Sinelnikoff encouraged the players’ vitality and skill to make this the first TELEPLAY for a long time that was, for all its theme, totally comfortable.” Pat Pearce, Montreal Star

“The production by Michael Sinelnikoff was excellent. For me this was one of the good things of the TV season.” Robert Fulford

“Michael Sinelnikoff’s production and the acting by Brett Somers and Neil McCallum were superb.” Frank Penn, Ottawa Citizen