Complete Register – Isle of Man – November 2010

Complete Register – Isle of Man – November 2010

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This news item is part of the “Complete Registers” series, listing every helicopter Currently registered in a particular country. While the majority of our updates continue to be focused on monthly or quarterly reviews of the registrations which have changed (added, removed, change of ownership etc), the “Complete Registers” series allows us to include the more obscure countries by listing every helicopter currently registered in that country. It is important to note that this does not necessarily equate to every helicopter based and operating in the given country. We aim to remove any airframes which are known to be written off, The “Complete Registers” series is also available as a separate option off the “Data” menu above.

For our first register, we are looking at the Isle of Man. This island is located between UK and Ireland, and the M register prefix only became operational from 1st May 2007. It is also a well-known tax haven, so it is no surprise that the majority of the aircraft on the M register do not frequent the island. OF the 300 aircraft which have been registered there so far, the following helicopters are those currently carrying M registrations

M-ACRO AS350B3 (4798) F Aliani, Italy
M-AKAR S76C (760503) Starspeed (operator), UK
M-CHGK AW109S (22123) Helter Management
M-DBOY A109C (7622) Herair, Belgium
M-ERIT AW139 (31102) Mercury Engineering, Ireland
M-ERRY S-76B (760356) Trustair, UK
M-EXPL AS355N (5667) Select Plant Hire, UK
M-IDAS AW109E (11112) Trustair, UK
M-LNDN Ec155B1 (6834) Larkford Ltd, UK
M-LUNA EC145 (9242) Flambards Ltd, UK (and on a boat)

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