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Sponsor-generated content is content produced or curated by an advertiser that lives on HeliHub.com and is promoted alongside HeliHub.com’s own editorial content and via HeliHub social channels. The content will be identified as ‘sponsor-generated content’ anywhere it may appear on the website. HeliHub editorial department has no involvement in the creation of this content.

If you would like to suggest a Sponsored Post to the HeliHub.com team, please initially email moc/buhileh//tsopderosnops with the following information:

  • your business name and website address
  • your business email address (using same domain as the website address above). This excludes GMail, Hotmail, iCloud, YahooMail, etc
  • proposed article topic and outline plan of the post (topic must be directly relevant to helicopter operations, including recruitment, suppliers, parts, operations, sales etc, but does not include gambling, bitcoin etc)
  • approximate word count and number of images

Other notes

  • Please note that the only allowed links in a Sponsored post are to the website of the business you work for.
  • Affiliate links are not allowed
  • Any requests involving “dofollow” links will not be responded to. If you have any knowledge of how web pages work, the “dofollow” tag is useless. By default all the hyperlinks are “dofollow”. So, you don’t need to do anything to make a link “dofollow”

If we consider the Post will be suitable for our news feed, we will then provide a pricing quote.

All Sponsored Posts which are published will include

  • an email from our team with links to the post itself, and to where we post it on our social channels (numbers at Apr-23)
  • an indication below the story that it has been sponsored.

HeliHub.com reserves the right to decline a Sponsored Post without giving a reason.

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